19NO5 is a jewellery brand based in Stockholm, Sweden. To us, jewellery is so much more than a simple accessory. Throughout history it has often been a symbol of status, and a way to showcase your wealth. With time wealth and jewellery turned into something more accessible, more ordinary. Mass production reducing the uniqueness of it and taking away its core identity. 

We at 19NO5 want to change that. Jewellery should be so much more than that, it should have its very own identity and its very own story to go with it. It should be a way of expressing yourself and your personal story. Every piece we craft by hand at 19NO5 is infused with its own thoughtful and meaningful story for you to choose from. Everyone loves a good story and it's the stories we tell ourselves and others that make each and every one of us special. 

19NO5 got its name from the love of our first jewellery. A pair of earrings passed down to Emelie Jurhagen, the founder of 19NO5 from her great grandmother who was born in 1905. We continue to carry her legacy with 19NO5.